I’m a Brazilian-Canadian musician with a background in both classical and popular music. My path allowed me to be in contact with varied genres, from baroque to contemporary music. With a formal music training combined with a career as a composer and instrumentalist, I have been in contact with several musicians and artists, resulting in a composite artistic development. These contacts have given a deeper meaning to my profile, which is expressed through original compositions. Equally proficient in either popular or classical music, I’m a songwriter as well as a composer for solo instruments, chamber and orchestral music. Guided by my personal background, I enjoy merge elements from the Popular culture with the Classical tradition. My artistic production is driven by the desire to create and develop a style of my own. When composing, I always have the art of the great masters as a major source, trying to absorb the emotion and the technique applied in their masterpieces. In a nutshell, I advocate for the formal beauty as much as for the feeling evoked by the aesthetic experience.

You can support my talent and creativity in various ways. Buy one of my music, attend to my concerts, commission a composition or enroll to one of my several classes, such as my Jazz Piano, Songwriting, Composition, and Music Theory. To check all my lessons, click here to find more about it.

Finally, music has always been supported by the generosity of patrons who sponsor and encourage the work of artists like me. I will be particularly grateful if you become one of my Patreon or make a donation.

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent"

                                                                      - Victor Hugo

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