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© 2017 by Lidia Barreiros at Lidia Barreiros Photo-Graphic

This book is the outcome of a collaborative work, from beginning to end. It is the result of a common effort of two artists who just wanted to express their admiration for Frida Kahlo. She is the foundation for this book, the muse of our lyre, the model portrayed in our canvases. The music and the illustrations contained here are our version of the beauty contained in Frida, the woman and the artist. When speaking of the visual aspect, first and foremost were Frida and her self-portraits (Self-Portrait in a Velvet Dress, Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair, The Broken Spine, The Two Fridas, etc.). We appropriated the subject and reinterpreted the paintings portraying this Mexican artist. The illustrations reflect our vision, as expressed by our own hand. And as for the music, while our quartet has a beauty of its own, it is based on Ludwig van Beethoven, a Master in the art of string quartets. In this work, our duty was to reinterpret the works of the Great Masters through our own personalities, with the aim of representing these wonders that tend to be forgotten with time. With this note, we wish to give due credit to each one.

Frida Kahlo String Quartet : PDF Printable Version - Full Score and Parts

  • Besides the interviews and curiosities about the composition, this file contains the complete score as well as the separated parts for violin I, violin II, viola and cello.