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© 2017 by Lidia Barreiros at Lidia Barreiros Photo-Graphic

Music that I composed in 2013. This nostalgic piece is part of a series of short pieces under Bach’s guidelines regrouped under the title of Suite The Cabman.
Even if the music does not have the baroque sound, the harmony and the underlying melody were inspired by the German master. This piece was composed having the melody as the main guide, on which I applied the harmonization I’ve been looking for as my personal musical signature. In 2014 I had two of them recorded by harpsichordist Mylène Bélanger. Later, I adapted them to the piano. At that time, these preludes were enrolled in a composition contest for the harpsichord. Later, I rearranged them for piano solo bringing the typical sound of the piano repertoire.

Tit Manman : PDF Printable Version