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© 2017 by Lidia Barreiros at Lidia Barreiros Photo-Graphic

Twenty-Five Piano Studies - Yemoja


Yemoja, in Yoruba language, is the name of the goddess of the oceans. I wrote this music in 2013 after returning from the coast of Brazil. In late 2012, I traveled there with my wife for a season of a month. On this occasion, I was hosted in Buzios, charming city in the cost of Rio de Janeiro State. During the day, I spent my time in the beach and in the late afternoon, from the top of her family house, I kept looking at the enchanting landscape of the bay in front of me. Soon after, we travel to the most beautiful beach I've ever seen in my life, Boipeba, Bahia state's coast. Its deserted beaches, kilometers of deserted white sand , giving more beauty to the Atlantic sea, were really idyllic. Coming back to the winter of Canada, in January 2013, I wrote this piece for solo piano, emulating the waves sent by Yemoja. I wanted to reconstruct the movement of the waves by the melodic line, however, sought a resonant harmony, creating an indefinite resolution effect. At one point, the internal melodies overlaps the main voice, as if a wave rode over the other. The mode change gives drama to the music, warning that the sea water is uncertain and treacherous. In the end, after an ascending and descending scale, the wave explodes on the sand beach and retracts again to the sea.

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